Does burning date influence about quality?

Let’s say I bought two identical R or RW discs in 2000.
I burn the first one in 2000, the second one today using a technically identical drive or the same one, provided it has not worn out by usage.

How would the media quality results compare?

This is an opportunity to get your DeLorean up to 88mph, travel back to 2000 and conduct the experiment yourself. :grinning:

Other than doing that, it’s anybody’s guess, really.

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Does this violate the temporal prime directive? :slight_smile:

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Sorry, what is that?

I tjought it was a specific term.

Ja. Star Trek humor in reference to Back To The Future humor. :slight_smile:


I have some TDK CD-R74 (24K gold reflective layer, early dark cyanine dye) from 1996. One piece written in the late-1990s, one piece written in the past year, both written on old, low-speed CD-RWs. No discernible difference in burn quality between them. If the disc quality is good and the initial writing quality is good, the end product should last a very long time.

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I concur, I have a number of discs that I created in 1997 that are still functioning perfectly.

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