Does burning at a low speed help?

Does burning at a speed lower than the rated speed of the media help in terms of getting a beter quality score? I burn 16x MoserBaer -R media on a NEC ND-3500 at 4x
Also which drive is good for quality scanning?

On Genuine, quality media, it can have the opposite effect. On good media you should burn it at its rated speed you will get a better scan. Remember, high speed media uses a special dye that is more sensitive and requires less exposure to the laser, so it is better to burn that way.

Example, I always burn my Taiyo Yudens 8x at 8x, whether data or video, I have posted some scans in other threads, they are excellent. Burning it at 4x would give a higher PIE/PIF count.

There are some cases of crap media rated at 8x that burn better at 4x, but for quality media burn at its rated speed. For 16x media, I would burn at 12x.

Where I stay, the best media you get is MoserBaer and the rated speed is 16x. My hard disk can’t keep up with burning at 16x and even 12x can be a problem sometimes. What speed should I burn at?
By the way, do you consider MoserBaer as quality or crap?
Also is using +R or -R preferable for my burner. I don’t have a drive that can scan for errors so I can’t judge for myself which produces better burns, although both types of media that I burnt over a year ago work perfectly even now.

I’m surprised your HD can’t keep up with 16x burning, it must be incredible slow.

With the burner on it’s own IDE channel, with DMA enabled on all devices & the HDD regularly defragged then any PC over , say, 1ghz should have no problems at this speed.

It’s often reckoned that 12x is the best speed for burning 16x media at.

With older drives like the 3500 - one of the best ever produced - it’s important that you have media that is matched by the firmware. This is a good source for modified firmware.

I have a Seagate 80 GB 7200 rpm SATA HDD, Athlon64 3000+ and 1 GB RAM. The writer is primary master and another drive is slave and DMA is enabled.
I probably had too many programs running in the background. Guess i’ll give burning at 12x another go after disabling them.

4-8X for cheap media and 8-12X for the good stuff! I do all my burns with all burners and all media at 8X. It is just easier to pick a speed that is good for 99% of the media I use. Some burners will slow down to 4X at the end of a 16X burn and a 12X burn is actually faster in some situations. It all depends on media, burners, FW, hardware, software, and setup.