Does burning at 12x cause pixilation?

I have a problem on about 30% of the DVD movies I am burning.

I have been burning at 12x in Nero, the buffer never drops below 80%, it usually stays at around 96% at 12x.

Some of the movies play perfect untill about the last 5 minutes and then they start to pxilate and freeze just a little and continue to pixilate.

My question is would burning at 8x solve this or what are other possible things can cause this.
Any response is appreciated.
thank you.

software:Slysoft AnyDVD and and cloneDVD2

Burner: Lite-On SHM-165H6S
Media: Taiyo Yuden 16XDVD+R Silver Thermal Lacquer

I do not think that burning at 8x for that media would improve anything. In fact, it may even make things worse. I am not personally familiar with that Litey but you should first check to make sure your firmware is up to date.

You have a Liteon so you can scan the media and see what is going on. Download CDSpeed and do a quality scan at 4X and post the scan. 12X should be OK, but TY 16X is not as good as TY 8X. The first thing I would do is check your firmware, as mentioned above, and make sure it is current, then look in the Liteon forum and get the smart burn tools.

My experience with Liteons would indicate that 8X could well solve the problem. The scans will tell.

Very wrong. Burning too fast can cause some errors on the DVD. Freezing etc. I always burn at 4x to ensure a great backup.

In my experience if the DVD is skipping / pixelating towards the end of the movie, then the its most likely bad media.

The cheap media seems to have problems around the outside edge of the disc, I guess the dye is thinner or distorted near the edge.

Try switching to some different media and see if the skipping / pixelation at the end goes away.

EDIT: Actually I missed the first time you mention TY 16x media, that’s supposed to be good stuff (no personal experience using it). Maybe you can post some scans.

You can burn at whatever speed you like as far as I’m concerned but with a quality 16x media you’ll should still get pretty good burns at 16x or even 18x or 20x with the latest burners.

The idea of burning slow (like 4x) to get better burns is just a myth these days I’m afraid. With decent 16x media really the slowest you shouild burn at is 8x but many here prefer and are very happy with 12x.

It won’t give better burns. It will only help prevent bad burns.

Not necessary. Depends on medium, drive, firmware, etc. I have come across pixelation only once so far, due to crappy media. PIE/PIF were higher than a skyscraper

Of course, slowing down the burning speed is only one of the main factors to complete a nice burn.

Maddogvic have you updated your firmware?

I really do not want to get into yet another “slower is better” post fest here. If chas0039 thinks that burning at 8x may help the situation than perhaps it will. I have come to trust his along with TimC’s knowledge. Heck burning a few disks at 8x just to see if that will solve the problem after making sure that the firmware is up to date would be a great idea. Cover all the bases as it were.

If the firmware is not up to date, I would first update that and then try to burn a few at 12x or 16x. If the problem presists than move down to 8x. The reason I suggest starting at a faster speed is because, and correct me if I am wrong, most hogh speed media is optimized to burn at higher speeds and burning too slow can cause problems also.

I agree 100% - I hate it when people make claims about burning speed and DVD playability. I have Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 16x and a 20A1P, I have run many tests lately - First of all saying that burning 16x media at 8x makes it worse is WRONG. The taiyo yuden 16x media burn just fine at 8x. QUALITY media should have no problems being burnt at its rated speed. In fact I have burnt some of my TY 16x media at 18x and 20x and have gotten excellent scans and a perfect TRT and have played flawlessly on my DVD players - Keep in mind your video DATA files are still the same - the reason you can burn faster is because the dye formulation is made to be more sensitive to light and require less exposure to the laser - on QUALITY media you can burn at its rated speed and it will play just fine.

First, I never said it makes it worse. I said it [B]could[/B] make it worse. Everyones results will be different. If you can take a 16x disk and get an uber burn on it at 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x or 20x more power to you. The infinately variable combination of drives, media, firmware and computer systems preclude any absolute answers in this type of situation. What works for you may or may not work for someone else. :bigsmile:

Exactly greg42. I never said burning faster gave makes it worse. I only said it prevents the occasional error. Some of the time, when a new member comes in asking for help on a bad burn we tell him/her to lower the burn speed and it usually fixes it.

I have all the latest software and firmware.
I also have nero set to booktype dvd-rom, which it does fine.
the ty i’m using is made in Japan so I think that idicates to true ty which from what I’ve read is the best media.
I might try some verbatim after I finish of my 50 plus ty’s.

I have cd-dvd speed but don’t know how to interput a disk scan,

I want to thank everyone for these responses

Go to the box above in the top right and save the scan. Then go to advanced options for posting and upload the scan. Once we see it we can give better advice.

Actually, no, on quality media anybody should be able to burn at rated speed. If the disc is stable and of good quality, I don’t see any reason for it to “pixelate” burned at 16x as opposed to 8x, at least not on the Taiyo Yudens. As far as I know the Taiyo Yuden 16x will burn well on Liteon and Pioneer because I used both. On the liteon I can burn it to 20x and it I even get better PI/PIF scans - and always a perfect transfer rate curve, the DVD’s data when compared bit for bit is identical, no errors, the data is the same whether burnt at 8x or 16x - jitter levels are within specifications as well. Some discs have reflectivity issues and may be problematic on some DVD players - If you are burning a 16x rated disc at 16x and getting pixelation, that you don’t get at 8x burn, then you really need to use other media, because that should not happen on good media.

@ Greg42

I completely agree and that is the problem here. As of yet none of us can see any reason for what is happening to maddogvic but it is happening. Updated drivers and firmware, good media, good burner, bla bla all the usual stuff and we are still here. Just because you do not see any reason for something does not mean it can not happen and the truth to that is in the fact that maddogvic had to post.

@ maddogvic

When you scan your burned disk, one of the problem disks, with CDSpeed you can copy the results with one of the two buttons at the top. One looks like 2 pieces of paper and the other looks like the old 3.5" floppy disks. I use the copy (two sheets of paper) button and paste the results into paint and then save it as a jpeg file. Do the transfer test (benchmark) and Disk quality scan and add them here as attachments. The wiser members here might be able to see where your problem is originating from the results.

I thank everyone for their time on this matter.
I’ve come to the conclution that it is the DVD player, I tried the same movie in 3 different brand players and just the 1 out of 3 pixilated, so I assume it’s not the disk but the player.
What doesn’t make sence to me is that the 1 plays fine until the last 5 minutes.

Lets see those scans, they may reveal the secret. :bigsmile:

Scans please. TYG03 is [I]not[/I] the best media in all burners.