Does burned DVDs copy quicker



once they have been burn?

If you burn a DVD then you want to COPY that how much time should it take?

Right now on my i am using:

Philips SPD6002T with the updated firmware
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200A

Win XP Home

and like 3.5GHZ and 4.0 of ram

Buring with Nero 8 Ultimate i think( it is the highest one)

It still takes me about an 1 and 10 minutes or so to burn a DVD.

So help on that would be kind as well.

Thank You


Are you copying a data dvd or a movie in dvd video format?

If you are copying a movie, rip it to the hard drive with any ripping program…DVDFab HD Decrypter for example. Then burn to disk.
Don’t go optical drive to optical drive. If it is still taking a long time to burn, it is time to check the dma status of your burner. Look here:


If you’re copying a burned DVD use ImgBurn, first in ‘Read’ mode than ‘Write’ mode. That’s about the quickest way I know.