Does buffer underrun affect burn quality?

hi guys.

he, im new here and my english is not very good. sorry for this. my first question: ive done a copy from “aliens” on a verbatim 4x dvd-r, ripped with dvdshrin 315 and burned at 4x with nero 6302 on a liteon 451@851 via usb 2.0, firmware: GS0C. while burning ive "surfed" trough the internet, so the buffer was empty for the most time and the led flashes from orange to yellow several times while burning. after this ive done a scan with kprobe at pi/po sum 8ECC and 4x speed. scanned the whole media, here are my results: at the end of the disc the pi and po are grown dramatically!!! ive tested the disc in my pioneer 625 and in the dvd burner: as ive expected, the disc is readable (very bad) and from chapter 30 to the end nothing goes (artifacts and so on... the movie hangs).ive searched the forum, theyve said that verbatim is not bad. is it the media or the use of the buffer underrun technology which have made this copy “shitty”? please help. oh damn, sorry for my english. :slight_smile:

In practical use the buffer-underrun technology should not affect the readability of the written disc.

Not done any tests on that subject myself - so it’s hard to tell.

Written other verbatim discs without any problems?

My suggestion is that it’s the media - but that is strange as it’s verbatim…

ive tried 3 more verbatim 4x dvd-r (only burning), all with the same result. than ive flashed the 4x gsb7 firmware back… try 2 more verbatim: the same result. then ive used a 2.4x dvd+r burned at 4x and it runs perfect… is this strange isnt it???