Does brand matter?

Well, my desktop is dead now, and I have a Samsung SH-203B drive that is not being used now. So, I am looking for an external 5.25" SATA enclosure. I would like one with USB or Firewire, and eSATA.

-What is a reputable brand of SATA enclosures?
I found this post:
But, the drives that they pointed to do not have a favorable review. Such as the “Galaxy METAL GEAR 205202AUAS”, it is pretty much dispersed from 1-5. The ‘Vantec NST-530S2’ rated well but does not have eSATA.

-Typically, does combination of DVDRW drive and enclosure matter?
I’ve seen that certain chipsets in external enclosures are better than others. However, I wasn’t able to find out whether or not it was DVDRW dependent or just the chipset (I/O bridge?) in the enclosure.


You want the Vantec NST-530SU:

The Samsung SATA drives work well in the Vantec enclosures.