Does blindwrite emulate

does blindwrite emulate because bulk said it does
he told me to read about ATIP protection
does blindwrite emulate like alcohol and clonecd
:rolleyes: please help

I believe the autoplay feature hides the atip info (or just use a rom drive instead of a writer to play the disk)

so if i untick the autoplay the game shouldn’t play it my burner
should it or is that not the case

Im not sure what you are trying to prove by posting this here.
I never said Blindwrite emulated. I said you must block the ATIP being read from the backup of the latest protections such as SecuROM and Safedisc ect…
You do this by playing the backup in a non ATIP reading drive or by using Hide CDR Media (or equivalent). You cannot avoid the ATIP on a standard recordable. It stands out as the main difference between your backup and the original.
It depends on what game you have. if you have some old form of Safedisc or SecuROM then the ATIP is not checked.
Now you have dug yourself a hole you should probably try the Search function for fast answers.

bulk have not dug an hole its the things you wrote to me when i wrote you a private message than got my a bit mad a little bit mad, don’t you have a job or is this your job
but i can run vice city on both drives NO emulation at all, HOW,
and the backed up game will run
go on tell me?

p.s can i be a beta tester

bulk lets call it a day and make friends and leave it at that
32 years and two kids
i don’t need this.
all i mean is that blindwrite for me does a better job
is that alright with you, or do you want to carry it all on,
i think you have better things to do with your time

please don’t p*ss the programmers of blindread off with this kind of things. of you use the search you will find many threads about this subject

if you have seriousproblems with your copy of the software…or you want to beta test…just mail them

they only respond to mail…not posts in this thread or any other

sorry i will not post a thread again and me and bulk will
leave it not that
all i was doing was trying to find out if blindwrite does emulate
or not what is wrong with that
i didn’t know bulk was a programmer of blindwrite sorry:confused:

Originally posted by slick10
i didn’t know bulk was a programmer of blindwrite sorry:confused:
lol, keep digging. I think you really should leave it at that. :slight_smile:


he is not a programmer.