Does bitsetting affect read speed on DVD-Roms


just want to clarify some of my doubts on bitsetting on DVD+R. I’m currrently using a NEC 4550a burner and have patched my firmware to Liggy’s firmware which allows full bitsetting on DVD+R / DVD+RW .

I would like to know would a DVD+R which has been bitset to DVD-ROM perform as well as those which is set to DVD+R ? Are the performance , ie read speed the same? Since DVD+RW / DVD+R-DL requires higher laser power due to the less reflectivity of the dye will the DVD reader auto adjust it’s power after the disc has been set to DVD-ROM?

Are the changes to the bitsetting for a drive limited to 500? anyone has experience on this? thanks

its only the booktype that is changed to dvd-rom, the disc type remains +R so they will be no performance change.

you can reset the bitsetting counter back to 500 with liggys binflash tool.

This is my experience.

When I burn a disc leaving it as +R, my liteon 165 read this disc at a low speed (because original firmware is locked). When I burn a disc as ROM, my liteon 165 read this disc @16x.

So disc performance of a +r disc with booktype ROM is related to the reader.

It depends on the drive, its firmware and how it sees and handles different mediatypes.
Many drives increase the speed when you use a +R booktyped to DVD-ROm because they read the booktype then and not the mediatype…

well thats told me then :slight_smile:

i always thought that it was the disc type that set the read speed :o

so does that mean +RW`s with book type dvd-rom rip at 16x?

As I said it is related to the reader.

My liteon 16P9 read rewritable @16x only if rewritable is of high quality (some bad quality RW that I have I can read only @4x because they burn really bad :frowning: ) and only after I unlocked firmware with omnipatcher (thanks C0deKing :bow: )