Does Bit Setting change the Laser Power on my DVD player?

I know that Bit Setting changes the way a DVD+R looks to a player, but, what exactly does this do to my stand alone player?

Does it change the laser intensity? Does it over stress the player?

changing the booktype doesn’t force the dvd player to do anything it wasn’t already capable of doing. the way it works is that if you have a dvd player whose hardware is capable of playing dvd+r but refuses to do so when it identifies a disc as being anything but dvd-rom, then changing the booktype will trick the dvd player into accepting the disc.

It basically changes one of the field on the disc’s header. It has no effect on laser power whatsoever.

Some place like PC DVD-ROM where it judge maximum reading speed based on media, having DVD-ROM booktype might make maximum disc read speed to go higher. Sometimes, that is not a good thing to do, especially on poorly burn disc. Other than that there should be no issue. In fact, i set all my +R discs as DVD-ROM.:bigsmile: