Does bin hold info on copy right protection

I want to know does bin files contain the safe disc copy protection info. cos when i use damon tools to boot the cue file. It mounts but doom3 detects it’s not the orginal disc. I had this prob with sims 2 before i read a thread about cd emulation. I have nero and alchol uninstalled but still have the emulator and the images file on hdd

I believe that bin/cue files CAN hold copy protection info, but in most cases it is not set up to do so.

Use nero’s cd/dvd speed utility to check for bad sectors in the image files…since doom 3 is safedisc protected it should contain bad sectors at the start if copy protection info is included. :slight_smile:

But since the game won’t authenticate, it is likely the copy protection info hasn’t been included.

But i tried making a MDS image using alchol. I’m sure I set it to have a safe disc 2/3 profile but it still didn’t authenicate when i ran the game

Did you burn the MDS? If you had, then it’s probably not the image, unless you tested it on a virtual drive. What is the writer you used if you burnt it?

P.S I can get Doom 3, Sims 2, THUG2 and all that working perfectly fine on Alcohol’s V Drive.

Well, it depends on the copy protection. .BIN files contain the tracks in raw mode (2352 b/sector), without subchannels, so :

  • it’s not enough for securom : subchannels & topology missing
  • good enough for safedisc up to v2.7, but not newer versions unless written with alcohol which builds a special pregap (which isn’t contained in .bin files).
  • other protections : depends what they are based on…