Does Benq 1620 use Kprobe?

Somewhere on CD freaks I thought I saw that both Lite-on and Benq used Kprobe for media testing. So I bought a Benq 1620 and when I attempt a Kprobe test it runs for like 5 seconds and says it is done, gives no graph and does print out the notepad report that always tells me there is only 1 error.
I have not been able to ressurect the Kprobe from Benq information on this forum.

my benq doesn’t work withh kprobe

So then for testing DVD burns the best option with the Benq 1620 is to use Nero CD Speed?

K-Probe does not work with BenQ drives only Lite-On and Nero CD/DVD Speed is what’s used by most 1620 owners.

Thank you, God Bless and have a Happy Easter.