Does anyone



does anyone know if there is a freeware program that will burn securom and safedisc and alot of other protections because i dont really want to buy alcohol 120 its 70$ i just want a free program


is there a free OS such as windows, which does support all windows applications, but is free because i don’t want to pay??? :confused:
no, if you want quality software, you’ve got to pay for it… :wink:
and it’s worth the money…


You could always try the free trials of the various programs…


which programs ive already ended my trial of blind write discjuggler alcohol 120 clone cd


so, you still want to make backups - then you really should spend some money for one of the softwares you like most… every software has little different strength in some points - you’ve got to decide what you need…
if you want v-drives, good overall-copy-protection support, you should maybe take alc - if you’ve got a plex premium and want to copy much securom new you should take BW… :wink:
c’mon, support “their” work if you need it… :wink: