Does anyone uses a s video cable to play back on tv

My computer and tv has a s-video connection on them. Does anyone use this to play back video on their tv. How does the video look? Thanks for any help.

I’ve have this 10 metre long s-video cable with gold connectors and stuff. The quality is roughly the same, but the s-video handles interferences better than the normal composite cable. In general it doesn’t really matter what you choose, s-video or the normal cable, if you use a scart converter (that little donglethingy) to connect the svideo to your tv.

Yeah, I do. The only thing I had to do was to use the second SCART port on the TV and set that one to S-VIDEO mode. Without that I got black and white. I think my cable is 15 meters long, and the image quality is still very good. :slight_smile: