Does anyone use Exeem?



Exeem. Wasn’t this the most hyped p2p app of all time. What happen to it? Does ayone even use it?


Nah didnt that get a bug or suma then nobody could be bothered with it any more?


There was more hype about the fact it had spyware than about it being revelutionary (which it wasn’t anyway), so even when the authors removed the spyware people still boycotted it. As far as I know anyway, I’d forgotten all about it until I saw this thread.


Same here. :iagree:


It was supposed to be great. Instead it just combined Kazaa and Bit Torrent, but instead of being better than both, it just kinda … sucked.

It’s not terrible. It’s not great. It’s just… boring. Not a lot of stuff on the network, either, since people are pretty paranoid about its lack of privacy features.

Add to that the fact that it had spyware for a while… and, well… shrug


Personally I am still partial to a torrent, so I stick with IsoHunt+MiniNova, not alot of mainstream stuff you cant get if you dont mind the wait. Exeem wasnt even that fast…


They claim to have abolished the spyware, but is any form of adware entirely trustworthy?

If the authorities increase the pressure on trackers, the demand for a “trackerless bittorrent” will increase - until it becomes the last great hope, people will stick with the torrent clients they know.


I tried it out in but that was at the start when there was still spyware and then like Ben said the speeds were not fast enogh for me. On top of that i could find what I wanted at other places using my BT client.


I don’t think spy or adware would realy stop people using p-2-p eDonkey, free version, has it and people are still using that. I had heard something about it but I am happy with my mule.

Multi network clients do tend to be a bit on the poor side, instead of coding a good to great client for a particular network/protocol they end up with a mediocre one.


Yes but thought Azureus allready offers tracker free file sharing with other Azureus users if the tracker is down. This means all the torrent has to do is point to a common place and say “this is where to get the data”.


Decentralised tracking in Azeurus has been known to cause problems with some non-Azeurus clients (which might be spoofing ID’s) and also cause tracker statistic problems (such as loss of share in the sites where your share ratio matters). Been recommended at some sites to turn it off.


That’s probably because Azureus decided to use it’s own crap implementation of DHT instead of the one used by, 1) the official Bittorrent client and 2) every other freaking client out there.
Azureus is slowly becoming the biggest steaming pile of trash on the internet.
There are far better clients available that don’t use 80mb of ram to do absolutely nothing.

Like BitSpirit.


Every time I get convinced that Azureus is FINALLY getting fixed… they go and screw something ELSE up. :frowning:


BitSpirit is definitely a good client. I used to use BitComet because it supports DHT, but now BS can support DHT also, and it gets faster speed (generally).