Does anyone use DVD X Copy?

WHen you use DVD X Copy… does it actually compress the files? Im having a hard time getting an actual DVD to fill into a 4.7 GB Disk. Anyone have any suggestions?

Yes it does compress the files. I used DVD X Copy for a short while. It was as unstable as Charlie Manson on Crack. It doesnt have any option or setting controls, but is one click practically. Since their demise lack of support was the next problem. Lack of updates means it’ll be useless on newer protections such as found on Resident Evil-Apocalypse. Anyway are you setting it to copy the entire disc or title only?

Well… At the beginning I was trying to copy the entire disk, but now… I am setting it on title only, yet I am finding that when I do that none of the special features show up. I really dont mind that but is there any way to make it all fit to the single disk?

Ummm…I do believe that only DVDXCOPY Express compressed the movie. DVDXCOPY made an exact copy or gave you options to deselect portions you didn’t want. Most of the time this called for splitting the movie onto 2 DVD’s. Of course this was with the originals, not the crap they were forced to sell after the MPAA was done with them. There is little reason to use it now because what little support was offered is now extinct.

I used it for a very short time and found it to be CRAP. Whether it was me or my system, I had the worst problem with it. The movies seems to have burned fine but while watching them (and towards the end of the movie), I would start getting artifacts on the screen until it would completely stop playing. I would end up having to eject the DVD. I use DVD Shrink and it is amazing. I also used AnyDVD and CloneDVD for the first time last night (DVDShrink just did not want to “backup” Resident Evil: Appocalypse) and it worked like a charm.

I would never look back from the programs that I am using now.


I concur with what has been said. No one should be using DVD X Crappy anymore. Horribly overpriced for what it delivered and it is essentially a dead project now so good luck getting support/updates for it. I found that the DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo delivered better results and didn’t cost me a dime.