Does anyone own the LiteOn DD-A500GX?




this is only dvd recorder in my price range (£100) and the specs look really good. But before i get one i would like to know your opinions on it :slight_smile:

It has a “resolution upscaling” feature which is the main reason why i want to get it. Does this work well?
I have a Philips 42" HD lcd tv

Hope you can help

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah i bought it just after xmas and am really pleased with it the upscalling really shocked me the quality is at its best upscaled to 1080i and is a marked improvement on standard 480p… whilst not a HD or blueray standard is stilll very good. Also the menus are great and recording is easy… Cant support dts but 5.1 dobly is there so good.

Well worth the money


thanks for your reply! going to purchase one ASAP