Does anyone own sony erricson 750/790 phone?

does anyone own a sony erricson 750i or 790 mobile phone that has succesfully converted dvd to this phone?

anyone? how about any sony ericsson phones? thanks

What sort of problem are you having? This may be a new model not widely available yet.

There are profiles for these exact phones already in the “cellphone” device list. ??:confused: Are they not working correctly?

sorry iam about to purchase the sony 790 phone and before i signed up for a 3 year contract i just wanted to be sure that this can be done…and in there profile i only see the 750 and the 800 is this the same as the 790?

I undestand. I would suspect the video file requirements are similar. See if the Sony phone website has an update. If you already have the memory card it requires you could put a short video clip on it and take it with you to the store. I did this at a Verizon company store with no objections from them and tried it on the phone I wanted.

i tried to convert it and it makes it a 3gp file…it will not play on my computer but is this the correct file that the sony ericsson phone is compatible with? i will try it on my friends phone on monday