Does anyone like their 1016IM?

I know this may sound like a funny question, but Staples sold an IO Magic drive for <$40 last Friday. Most were BenQ drives, but some are BTC 1016IM.

People with the BTC are returning them. Are they that bad, or are they just mad that they did not get the BenQ?

Mine is going to be delivered Tuesday, and from the BenQ forum, it sounds like if mine is a BTC I should just return it without even opening it! Why are they so down on the 1016IM?


I don’t really have any complaints about my drive. Picked it up for 49.00 at frys on black friday (emprex 16x) and it seems to be working exactly as its supposed to be.

Burns the 19.99 100pack compusa 4x media at 4x, the 29.99 newegg 100pack 8x media at 8x, so :shrug:. I wish there were some firmware updates for faster media reading, but im sure that will come later. (drive maxes at 8x dvd read I think?)

Haven’t burnt a single coaster yet, and all ive been using is cheap media. Can’t complain too much for 10.00 more than a decent 52x cd burner.

Great…is the firmware A07F? Most Staples ones are A079.

Can iask what software are you using to burn DVDS with? Nero is assume.

Nero 6.3 that came bundled with it. I believe it was a a079 bios when I installed it, but I updated it with the that it suggests using for it and it updated to the A07F bios.

i got the 8X BTC Drive and i returned it, they mess up even on freaking G04 ritek disc, i got a NEC instead, but i might brab 1 of these 16X as a back up drive.

I ended up getting a Mad Dog (NEC3500) and IO Magic (BenQ). Staples never did send me the IO Magic…I got it at the Local CC.

So far I like mine. I just got some 8x discs which actually burned at 12x (so it said).

well i like my drive emprex, 50 bucks no rebates, i curious what media burs higher then 8x as i cant get any too


8x is fine for now tho

Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x may burn at 12x. These have a media code of Yuden000 T02 and are very high quality media. I don’t know anything about the BTC drive but maybe someone here can confirm this - if that’s the one 8x media to burn at 12x I’m betting that’ll be it… you can buy them on or at a relatively ($48 per 100 pack) reasonable price…

The 8x discs I have are TY02 but they are -R not +R. They do burn at 12x despite saying only 8x on the package. I got a 25pk for $8 from Fry’s.

under what name tho gq?

windows 2000 sees my “btc-1016im” as “Dvdrw ide 16x” is that the same with you guys?

I had a btc-1004im before and that one windows saw it as a dvdrw-1004im.

Mine just says dvd-rw in xp.

Yes they were GQ (great quality) which is their own brand (I think).
I use 2k and it reports as DVDRW IDE 16X so that looks normal.