Does anyone know?



if there is a limit on the max number of files on a cd


There is no limit what i know (i dont know everything but i am sure about this one). There is another limit though 650MB 74min (without overburn) and 700-730MB 80min.


I don’t think there is a limit either, but maybe it helps to know that I have created cd’s with more then 20,000 files.



Don’t really know if there is a file-limit, but I do know that there are some ISO limitations! But when U use Nero you will get an error wich U can listen to or not!!!
good luck!


there are limits

enery file you burn needs a minimum of space on the cd. Even an 0kb file needs space.

So in theory there is a limit although it’s very, very big.

Also there are limits in every format (joliet etc) but don’t worry, nero or something like that will let you know…


I believe there is a limit to the number of files you can have in the root directory of a CD-ROM (something like 256 or 128, I don’t really know)


Hi BlueDemon, you remembered something, but it’s not about cdroms. There is a maximum number of files in the root for 3.5"- FLOPPY’s, it’s 224.
This is not a flame…just a correction.


One Data file w/0kb (nothing in it) is equal to 2kb of user data, and about 340kb of file sys. data. you do the math…
So, in retrospect 650mb is not infinite. It is finite…
… was this a theoretical question???
Do I get a prize???