Does anyone know whether this is good media or not?



I’m going to buy myself a new set of dvd’s.
Now I’ve done some searching, and came up with these dvd’s:
Intenso DVD+R 16x in 25-pack Cakebox
Mediacode: MBIPG101R05
How is the quality of those discs?
And another question; I had some good discs made by MMore, having MBI01RG20 as mediacode.
Now they are sold out, but they do have media with the same mediacodes only with another name on it. Are they the same quality ?


I really like Moser Baer +R discs - only used a few of their discs (can’t remember the recording speed), but they are still going strong after over a year with no problems. I know that a few members really like the Moser Baer TDK DVD+R 8x discs. Can’t comment on the brands you mentioned because I’ve never used them.


Not neccessarily. It depends on the name on the disc. Third party sellers like RiDisc, Datawrite, Bulkpaq, etc can buy B grade or lower media and sell them as A grade. I have neverheard of Intenso so can’t comment if they come under this catagory.


What Jay said…and as Kev said, I really like MBI discs under the TDK and Imation brands (both 8x +Rs)…however, these have been MBIPG101 R04, not R05, so I’m not sure about those.

Mine have lasted at least a year also. :slight_smile:

I think Franck mentioned MBI discs under the Intenso brand awhile back, so maybe he’ll post some input here?


I don’t like Intenso because their suppliers are always changing. While you might get MBI or CMC if you’re lucky, you might also get other media made by other companies like the Privacy King Ritek…


What’s your burner [B]TsevenT[/B]? This can make a dramatic difference with MBI media, even more so with [I]recent[/I] MBI media.

And yes, with MBI, discs with the same MID can actually have very different characteristics depending on the brand they’re sold under. :doh: - they’re mostly good but the burner/firmware/disc combination can be a crapshoot.


My burner is a Lite-on 1635s YS0X


Haven’t come across reports with your Litey model, sorry… nothing in the blank media test section either.

I’d say you’ll have either to give it a go on you own, which would be interesting for us of course… :bigsmile: :wink: - or browse the LiteOn forum to look for specific results with these discs.

Unless you get lucky, and someone with the same Litey as yours will notice the thread, and post his/her experience with this media.

Personally, I would give them a go, I’ve had good experiences with most MBI that I’ve tried recently, but it’s your money so it’s your call. :slight_smile: - if you’re in a hurry, and/or don’t want to take risks, you’d better buy some 16X +R Verbatims (MCC004) I guess.


MBI 16X +R burned in a friend’s Lite-On 1635S:YSOX
NOTE : This is MBI’s own PRO line, good media. May not have the same results with Intenso…

Speed was 16X, 6 minutes or so…those PIE spikes are always there at 16X on this media, they disappear at 12X, even in my Benq.
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Yep, as I mentioned above, the same MBI mid can be very different depending on the brand. I’ve learned that from MBIPG101 R04.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:


If you’re in a hurry, and/or don’t want to take risks, you’d better buy some 16X +R Verbatims (MCC004) I guess.

What’s the reliability of those discs in my burner ?


Verbatim is considered to be one of the best bands of DVD along with Taiyo Yuden. Personally if you’re wondering it may pay to buy a coupld of singles to test before investing in spindles.

Though it may be a good idea to browse/search the lite on section of the forum for your model and see if any advice is given there. I say that because if Franck hasn’t come across reports of your model then there more than likey aren’t any in this section at all.


I wouldn’t have recommended them as a safe buy for you drive if I wasn’t pretty sure they’d do the job. :wink:
It’s difficult to find a recent drive that doesn’t like MCC004 Verbatims.


I agree with the advice to go with it, I am using verbatim MBI now and they are awesome!



Against all your recommendations I’ve bought these DVD’s:
MMore DVD+r 16X
Just because my experience with MMore is really good (last spindle none of 'em failed) en they’re pretty cheap. 29 Euros for a 50 disc spindle.


Just remember to do an error rate test after burning - that way you’ll know how well they perform.


Yep, the MBI Verbs burn very well on my two LGs, as well. :smiley:

Agree with Kev, too…be sure to do a quality scan. You may need to do a few burns on them with the Litey before it settles down, I believe it will need to “learn” the media (that’s if you haven’t used them on that drive before).


Just the opposite here…I picked up some MMore locally, MUCH higher error rates as compared to the normal MBI Pro discs. Oh well, I probably got a bad spindle.


Our recommendations are base on our experience. If as you have said you have had good experiences with these discs before then they are worth a try. Though as said I would scan them just to keep an eye on them. Also it might be an idea to run some scans on a few of the last lot you got.


That’s not cheap at all if you ask me. Where in Europe do you live? For that price, you can get the very best Taiyo Yuden Media at some online suppliers, including shipping that is.

Or Plextor branded TY discs from the official CDFreaks shop: