Does anyone know what kind of drive this is?

Does anyone know what kind of drive this is?

I/O Magic’s Model IDVD16DDME External 16X DVD ±RW/±R USB 2.0 Dual Format/Double Layer Drive.

I am going from memory, I can’t tell you everything for sure rite now, but I know the firmware starts with a G…something like GRDC or close to that anyways.

I/O Magic does not have firmware on their site, well at least their tech support sent me to the BenQ site but the firmware he told me to download said I did not have a drive that supported it.

It also shows up as an ATAPI 8x16x8? When it is plugged into my laptop.

No complaints on this as it works great, but was wondering if I need to update firmware etc.


Sounds like a benq drive. What is the exact FW installed, and does the drive have lightscribe capabilities.

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If it’s really GRDC, then it’s a BenQ DQ60. :Z As far as I know, those can’t be crossflashed.

Does it identify itself as a DVD-RAM?

Thanx for the answers!! Here is what my drive says:

Drive Information

Drive : ATAPI DVD DC 8X16X8X
Type : DVD-RAM Recorder
Firmware Version : GRDC
Buffer Size : 1419 KB
Date : ?
Serial Number : KWHB507752SC0ÿÿÿ
Vendor Specific :

Yep, totally a DQ60. No way to crossflash that and I don’t know of any updated G series firmware either. Sorry you got stuck with one of the worst drives produced in recent history.

Thanx for your help…yea figures that I spend money on “crap” just my luck, but I will say that it seems to work fine, and for 50 bux no big deal. I will use it till it dies or whatever…

I do have a question if indeed it is a DQ60 I see that there is a new FW for that model, it is MREC that was released in December I believe, can I use this to upgrade this model?


No, you’re stuck with GRxC firmware.

Ok…Thanx for all the help!! I appreciate it