Does anyone know what drive is in the LVC 9016G VCR/Recorder combo unit?



Hi all, trying to find this info and can’t seem to get a hit anywhere. I’d like to know if it’s one of the traditional ones like in the 5005 (DDWs). I’m looking at getting myself one of these on an “as is, drive doesn’t work” type of deal and test some Liteon/Sony drives out but would at least like to know what original drive it was manufactured with before I get one to test.

Of course, I would be reporting back on the results. My thinking is that the VCR part is most likely very stable, it’s the dvd drive that’s troublesome, so replacing it with a PC drive might give me a very stable unit and serviceable in the future. Thanks in advance.


Well, I answered my own question, got a 9016 for $35, and it’ s the LMU-713 which obviously was failing. Pretty easy replacement. Just had to remove the old drive, I used a Sony DRU190 as a replacement drive, removed the bezel and faceplate off the Sony and had to do a bit of trim on the clip points in front of the tray and a bit off the bezel for the tray to accept the 9016 bezel.

I just put two-sided tape on the platform that the drive sat on, some duct tape on the side of the drive and platform. I would suggest a thick two-sided tape, I used a thin one and seems a little light to me, might take the 5 minutes that it takes and replace it.