Does anyone know what bitrate VSO's ConvertX2dvd uses?



Just like the title says interested in what bitrate vso’s convertX2dvd uses since its not adjustable. I am trying to figure out the quality difference between using that and TMPG, tmpg obvs being better but well you know. ;op


well i don’t know for sure but i would presume it would change depending upon how much content you have on your dvd up to the maximum allowed 9mb/s.


just wondering as I would like to know the comparison between it and TMPG its funny i spent 4 hours encoding an avi with TMPG to dvd and it looks alot better on the computer then the dvd made with VSO, albeit a bit blurry and jumpy (faulty settings) but i can barely tell the difference if AT ALL on the tv, thought maybe I would be able to.