Does Anyone Know What A GRA-4120B Is?

A friend of mine just bought a Dell and it came with a DVD writer. It’s made by HLDS (Hitachi LG Data Storage) a joint venture of Hitachi and LG. The model number is GRA-4120B. At first I thought it was some derivative of the GSA-4120B but it is not multi format only DVD +R, +RW, and DL. I checked this forum, the CDRLABS forum, the CDRINFO forum, the FIRMWARE PAGE, and the DVDRHELP forum but I see no mention of the drive. There is also nothing about it on the LG, Hitachi, OR HLDS websites, only the GSA-4120B. There is information on the Dell support site but nothing of any real interest. Does anyone know if this drive is related to the GSA-4120B or if it can be flashed to a GSA-4120B? TIA.

This is surely a feature limited variant of the GSA-4120B, would you be able to post what firmware version is on his drive? I’ll add some info to the firmware page, but there aren’t any firmware updates for this drive and so far I don’t think there has been much success with converting from feature limited models to the full-featured models.

I would like to see the DISCInfo Show Summary Information.

I read that lg produce it for a big manufacturer, the difference is the lack of support for dvd+ or dvd- (don’t remember if it is + or -)

My friend is away for the weekend but I’ve emailed him your request. If he sends me the drive information I’ll post it in this thread unless you want me to get it to you some other way.

Thank you for your report. It is the DVD+R/DVD+RW version of GSA-4120B. It’s a tradition that Dell wants only the Plus part of “Dual” standard DVD recordable drives from the manufacturers. Dell can request so because it orders so many units at once.

LG formerly produced GRA-4040B that supports the following write features.

  • CD-R : 4X, 8X,16X,24X
  • CD-RW : 4X,8X,12X,16X
  • DVD+R : 2.4X,4X
  • DVD+RW : 2.4X
  • DVD-RAM : 1X(Ver 1.0), 2X,3X(Ver 2.1)

GSA-4040B (or GMA-4040B) supports DVD-R and DVD-RW in addition to what GRA-4040B supports.

Probably, GRA-4120B cannot be flashed to GSA-4120B but I would rather buy GRA-4120B if it costs US$10 less than GSA-4120B because I use only Plus disks with 4120B.

By the way, the drives are produced by LG Electronics and designed by Hitachi-LG Data Storage, or HLDS. Hitachi needs LG to do the production and marketing. LG needed Hitachi to share the core technologies and experiences.

The information you requested is attached. Just to be prudent (or paranoid), I’ve edited out the sequential numbering portion of the SN. If you need that information, PM me and I can send it to you.

gra_4120b.txt (1.17 KB)

Nope, the serial number is not needed. I usually edit mine out too :wink: Thanks for the info!

Interestingly enough I came across a French website that discusses the GRA-4120B as well as the GSA-4120B. I don’t speak French so I let Google translate the page and it seems as though they are claiming that you can upgrade the GRA-4120B to a GSA-4120B by just installing the GSA-4120B firmware. The link to the page in French is here. The translation is here. Any thoughts? It would be helpful if someone who speaks French could verify the translation.

Well, they say that it’s doable but they don’t give details. They just mention you loose your waranty.


The translation is good exept for baptized (wich in french is synonymous with named, don’t know if it’s the same in english!) wich should be in front of GRA-4120.

For Catholics, it’s same even in South Korea. (Elly is my wife’s Catholic name.)

i have this dvd+rw writer…it came with my new dell. does anyone know a site where i can see which dvd+r/rw media it is compatible with??
i just bought these sony dvd+r’s and i’m not sure if they will work or not.

Yes, this site you are in has already given you some lists where you can see which DVD+R/DVD+RW media your GRA-4120B is “compatible” with. I don’t know what made you buy the Sony DVD+R disks but are they cheap and 8x-rated at least? Please first see some of the most related threads here.

I found this is:

Dell Info for GRA-4120B

If you had it installed in a Dell and it doesn’t support what it says then its covered under your warrenty and they have to replace it if it doesn’t do what it says what is on this page. :slight_smile:

Zac Bowling

Yet another reason to not get a Dell, Dude. They probably save 10 cents a unit by using this stripped down firmware.

Has anyone confirmed whether or not the GRA-4120B can indeed be flashed with the GSA-4120B firmware upgrade as the french site claims.

Will I screw up my GRA-4120B if I attempt this?


I don’t know whether there’s a way to flash GRA-4120B to GSA-4120B.

Hitach also produces these Drives. Iodata only uses drives produced by Hitachi. The design is made by HLDS and made by both makers. As far as I know LG drives are being made in Korea but Hitachis are made in Malaysia

I also heard LG drives in South korea are now produced under contract by still another company also somehow related to HLDS. I guess it’s because of the cost of labor. LG employees usually are paid far better than the rest of the workers in South Korea. Very few percentage of LG and Samsung drives are now produced inside South Korea. Most are produced in the mainland Chinese industrial cities, like Dong Guan.