Does Anyone Know Of An Inexpesive Legit Place to Buy An Office 2016 or 2019 Key?

Last time I needed Office, non pirated 2016 Home & Office were all over ebay for $30. I just discovered that’s not the situation at the moment. Most of what’s there now is pirated. Any suggestions? I just need a legitimate key.

They are about $130.00 at newegg that’s about as cheap as you can get a legitimate one.
Unless you go Office 365 which can be as low as $70.00 a year depending on which version you can get.


You could use LibreOffice or OpenOffice instead for free.

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Subscribe personal Microsoft Onedrive $69.99/yr you will get free Premium Office Application license. You can be use installation or by cloud base on your PC or even in your gadget to sync your documents wherever you created/retrieved your documents on different devices with your 1TB cloud storage.

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These low priced licences are mainly sourced from evaluation volume licences such as MSDN. I saw these mentioned a few times on the Irish Boards forum, such as this example.

Ever since Microsoft restricted its business Microsoft 365 office subscription to a single Windows logon account, I started using LibreOffice. If your documents will not be edited by someone else in Word, then I don’t see any reason to even use Word as everything I can do in Word, I can also do in Writer. In fact, Writer seems to have a much better selection of artwork such as inserting customised arrows, lines, etc.

The only time I’ve run into an issue is when editing someone else’s Word documents where the formatting must be exact. Think of like editing a book where the line spacing could push the bottom line or image on to the next page, an issue I ran into while trying to proofread someone’s book created in Word.

To give an idea of what I mean, have a look at these four lines of numbered repeated text in LibreOffice writer:

Here’s those same lines, but with that test document opened up in Microsoft Word:

This is the same with every other Word compatible office package I’ve tried including Google Docs, so it’s not a fault with LibreOffice.


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 is $430 in the Microsoft Store, do not be fooled into buying a license on Ebay for any less than that. They are MSDN or fake licenses.


I agree with Sean and Alan
If you really MUST have MS Office Pro then buy it direct from the MS Store and be done with it.

If you don’t require 100% MS Office compatibility, then LibreOffice is every bit as functional, and LibreOffice 7 is better than ever. Best of all, its free.


I was actually looking for Home & Student to save money. I really just need Word & Excel.

I found a sealed retail box on ebay today for twice what I paid last year (this one is $60); but at least there is very close to 0% chance of it being a pirate (key on a license card in an Orange box that looks identical to the one I purchased last year when they were cheap).

I need this for work, & really don’t require Access, Power Point, Publisher, Cloud Storage or Skype. I also do not believe in the subscription model, and the organization I work for has had one nightmare after another with the cloud based Office 365 (They also only offer it to volunteers; paid folks like me are required to get Office on our own).

I was just really surprised how much Office H&S 2016 has gone up in a year. I must have been lucky last time & inadvertently hit a massive clearance of 2016 overstock from MS to off price retailers.

I just checked on Amazon, and the going price is $129.99 US and $157.07 US. On the Microsoft Store page, the price is $149.99.

So, to make sure that you don’t have a bootleg copy, those are the only 2 places where to get a legit copy of Office 2019 Home & Student.

Microsoft isn’t Selling Licenses Anymore. I don’t think you were lucky. Seems to me that starting from last year, Microsoft has been heavily pushing the subscription model and have stopped selling licensed programs. This is significantly driving up the price of licenses even though the economy is on a downslide. For example, for the HUP (Home Use Program), they suddenly stopped selling licensed programs and are now only selling 365 subscriptions which is totally contrary to what HUP is supposed to do. HUP is supposed to give Office products basically for free to company employees so they get hooked on it so that the companies will then pay for expensive Microsoft products.

I think the new CEO, Satya Nadella realizes that there is only so much that Microsoft products can truly improve from this point. Companies and users aren’t upgrading to the newest version anymore as they don’t see a difference to the version that they already have. So, by converting every product of theirs to the subscription model, their revenue stream won’t decline.

New Versions are Just Prettier Without Significant Improvements. Personally, I don’t think there was a big difference from the version 20 years ago and the version now except aesthetics (pretty icons and other graphics) and useless tools, e.g. themes. They’ve been conning people for a long time and business owners/CEOs are starting to realize they’ve been duped into spending for something that’s just been wrapped up to look prettier but the underlying engine is the same.

I agree with Sean, I am using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and I really can’t see any difference in the 2019 version to update. Go with MS Office 365, I think its something like 79.00 a year for all software.


You don’t think the licensed version would be better? The fact that they are pushing the subscription version so hard indicates to me that they aren’t going to make true improvements to Office. If you look at their revenue growth :male_detective:, it looks like their licensed products have been stagnant for the last couple of years.

Buy the licensed product and you make up the cost of it in 2 years (relative to Office 365). Why should you pay annually for a product when they don’t spend the time and effort to improve it, right?

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I don’t know if it’s pirated or not but last time I checked out Bitcoin forums, people were selling Microsoft Office for pretty cheap.

MS Office 2019 Home and Business (Includes Outlook)



There is an article on that discusses whether one should buy Office 2019 or not. They say the differences are very little. They even compared the GUI and said it looks exactly the same. Most importantly, they say that Office 2019 is the slowest version yet. I’ve read other articles that said to buy it but their analysis doesn’t seem very thorough. The biggest feature upgrade is that you can directly input SVG graphics. That’s not very important I think.

Medium recommends to not buy Office 2019. Personally, I would stick with Office 2016 that has all the programs like Outlook, Publisher, and Access and doesn’t nickel and dime you if you want it.

Well written bullringoxymoronunsc.

I personally have 2016 and 2010 and a big difference for me is that 2010 allows the download of Headers Only in Outlook for IMAP connections, but 2016 requires full download of each message and all attachments which slows down intial setup if you have a very large email account. About 1 hour for each 2 GB of messages and attachments.

The reason I called out 2019 in my posts is that I do not see any legitimate vendors offering either 2010 or 2016 or 2013 anymore. All I see is 2019, and who knows how long that will last.

MS just wants to sell you their product whether it works well or at all or not. It is something the fictional Phillip Price of Mr. Robot’s E-Corp would consider a part of corporate mission. If anyone can find a legit source of these older version for the OP, many would benefit from that info. Failing that, I would snarf up a copy of 2019 before they are gone also. JMTC.

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Awesome point. I didn’t know that about the Outlook and I bet not a lot people did. Good info.

We should make a website where people could share info like this.

I don’t know about buying Office 2019 even if there are no more 2010 - 2016. If it’s much slower like it’s claimed, people shouldn’t even buy this last version.

Make Microsoft revenue plunge. They really are just window-dressing their software the past couple of years but their revenue still has been slowly going up. I betcha’ it’s going to crash in a couple of years as people really get it into their thick skulls that nothing is new. The New York Times has to write a big article about it. A newspaper that CEOs read.

Out of curiosity, I did a very simple comparison between 2010 and 2016.
The time it takes for 2016 to check and retrieve new emails including all attachements is noticably longer than the same exact action in 2010 for retrieving the emails with all attachments.
So, even 2016 is slower than 2010.
However, some of the bugs in 2010, like the fact that if you send an email to someone who is not listed in your contacts, the program puts single quotes ’ ’ around the email addressee name which makes that email sort differently, were fixed in 2016. This is a pattern of MS. They at some point stop fixing program bugs in the current version and only apply those fixes to the next version.

Whether there are bug fixes in 2019 of things left unrepaired in 2016 or earlier I do not know.
There are some forums that deal with Office specifically and you can find those with a Google search.
More often than not, they list the problems and lament MS not fixing them.

No one buys MS software cause they want to.
People buy MS software when they have to.
I wish I had better thoughts to share.

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