Does anyone know if the 521252 from Buslink is a Liteon 6S series drive?

I jaust saw a sale on this cdrw at compusa $69.99 after rebate but can not tell if it has smart burn or other Liteon characteristics…

I checked Liteon site they are not advertisizing a 521252 drive…but do of course have the 48126S drives

The information at the BUSlink Site indicates that their 52x burner has SmartBurn, so it must be a Lite-on, that is if you can trust anything on their information page. :wink:

When you click on the link for the CD-RW 52x 24x 52x, the top of the web page shows “40x12x48 Max CDRW for PC”. :confused:

I don’t know who did the specs on their 52x burner web page, but it shows at first as a 52 x 24 x 52 x and then further down in Features shows: 52X Zone-CLV Writing, 12X Re-write & 52X Max CAV Reading.

To top it off, in the Specifications it shows:
Recording 32x
Rewriting 12x
Reading 16x-48x

What happened to the 52x reading and writing? You might let the carelessness and inconsistency with which they assembled this information page be an omen of what to expect from BUSlink.

I think the Z-CLV info is crap. Maybe it’s a 5-based 52x?

Hmmm a 52x based 5 series chipset…so why not sell it that way 3 mo ago…

Somehow I have my doubts that the one advertised on CompUSA is a rebadged Lite-On. The box does clearly state 52x12x52x. If it were a rebadged Lite-On, with a 5-based chipset, that would throw a new spin on the possibility of the 48125W and others to be oc’ed to 52x.

Go and get that darn firmware! :slight_smile: hehe


That thought has crossed my mind :slight_smile: I’m hoping someone gets the drive and can answer definitively what the story is. Could be a misprint on the box, and in the specs. Who’s to complain if it’s actually a 522452 burner in the wrong packaging?

People who want to get a 52/12 5-chipset firmware are going to complain!