Does anyone know how

Hi guys, I am new to CD Freaks, and am just learning my way around. I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to backup ( The Rolling Stones - The Biggest Bang Box Set) It is totally giving me grief! It will only copy up to 50-52% then gives me a (Reading-Writing Error Control). I have tried everything, and every way to my knowledge! I use FAB Platinum, DVD Decrypter, Shrink, nothing will break through it! I paid big bucks for this box set and I want to have a spare copy, so it doesnt get ruined. My FAB support isnt understanding my delema, and since it takes a full day for them to respond with an answer to my questions its taking a full week! All I want is someone to step me through this in plain english, I am not up on all these big computer terms, and only wish to to conquer this one, as it is the first DVD I havent been able to copy in 2 years. Any advice or tutoring from anyone will be greatly apreciated, thank you all, Scotty M.

Start DVDFab.
Insert the DVD.
Click on the button to go to the settings
Select ‘Information’ and copy and past the information about the DVD into a posting window here.

Try RipIt4Me. You can type the name in your search engine to find it and download, it’s free.
This one still works on 98% of the titles. I think it was the best ripper ever.