Does anyone know how to put a movie on a memory card for a psp?



hi everybody!!! i have posted this question on the newbie forum and no help so i was told to come here!!!i am trying to put a movie on a 4gb sandisk duo memory card for a psp i go to mobile option click psp and tell it to use mpeg4 -divx i was told that was a great format i could have been told wrong and i also do not change my settings and it puts 2 files on the memory card one is psp file and generic file with another file in it which i was told should happen it takes hours to dod whatever it does and then a reply comes up something like i need to use some sort of player???that is what it says to do and to do so i have to restart dvdfab and it says it comes with the software??? but i told it no and i checked the memory card and only them 2 files i told you about are there.should i say yes next time or is there a way around that?? thanks for the help!!!


Do you mean files or [B]folders[/B]? What are the names of the files? Can you do a screen capture of this message about a player?


man i suck with computers i cant do a screen shot your asking for but yes there folders sorry i wasnt spacific enough.but ya i thought that message was really strange thats why i said no and it closed out dvdfab?if i get the same message this time i will write it down and tell you what it says word for trying it again as we speak and of course it has 6 hours left but that message popped up with 7 hours last time so if it does it soon i will post it ok?!


im sorry i forgot to tell you the names of the folders they are psp and generic


Screen shot use office onenote and clip the screen then post it using attachments


need any advice or basically how you do it???


Read the forum rules again as multiple posts is against them. Wait for someone to wake up and help you, as it very late now and they are all sleeping.


o.k. it just sucks not being able to know how to do it.sorry have a good night!!!


try reading the guide. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=o1 boss;2083727]need any advice or basically how you do it???[/QUOTE]

The memory stick/card needs to be formated, once you do this files are put on it with system settings and configurations .
there will also be a folder for videos place the converted files in that folder


And use the PSP profile, I’ve never gotten a DivX to play on the PSP, the only thig I’ve ever gotten to play is an mp4.



Like StormJumper said format the memory card with the PSP and then:

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