Does anyone know how to make a .cue file

I have a legally purchased game (purchased foe me by a friend) and its dvd but i don’t have a dvd drive yet so i used my friend laptop to copy the game with protection (safedisk 3.2) on to my computer (no problems) but because its on my computer and not on the cd the game will install but not play because of where it is. So thats the problem does anyone know how to right a .cue file i could mount onto my virtual drive (and will it work)

try using Alcohol 120% Go into image making wizard ther is a choice of what to make down in the botton left corner to choose what the data type is and then hit next and in the bottom right corner you can chose to make standard ISO. , CUE. etc once you make the image you can mount it in virtual drive or burn the image I hope this helps

You mean a pool cue? :slight_smile:

I believe you should be able to moount that game on a virtual drive in your computer and play it. I think deamontools is one program you could use,

Alcohol 120% is another -just don’t drink and drive ( get it!, DRINK AND DRIVE, the best joke yet. ) :slight_smile:

One is free and one is not free.

alchohol will only copy from cd which i cannot do but thnx anyway

How big is the game?I take it that it is on a dvd right?

yeah its 2.24 gig but because of the lack of dvd drive i can’t get a program to right a .cue (is this the file type anyway for a game) so i need to right the file myself

Im gonna play around with this for a bit and see what i can find or do. I gonna try and use the call of duty I have it is 4.27 gb but if i can do it with this I will tell you what i did.

Right now what I see is that since you dont have a dvd drive you may have to do it from a computer that does and ftp it over of use some kind of removable device (usb)

Either that or from a computer that does have a dvd drive you can make an image on it and use win rar to compress it into multiple files and store them to cd and then puit them on your computer and then extract but that sound like a hassle

Yeah cheers for all your help so far im searching google at the moment for any guides i might just have to wait till i can afford a dvd drive

if you have no acess to a dvd rom there is not gonna be qway to do it untill then

alright cheers for your help anyway

u do not need a cue file. just mount the iso, or bin into your virtual drive.

however, if u r desperate:

Games or ISO or BIN Images

File “filename.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00


File “filename.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

i have a program that makes cues file for the bin file you have but sure if i can upload files here i will send to those that want it .

cheers but don’t worry i will find another way im gonna get a dvd drive so i won’t need to cheers everyone for all your help