Does anyone know how to copy norton system works 2000?



It sounds like u r trying to copy on-the-fly ie from cd reader 2 cd writer. Using CDRWIN 3.7 or above, select the icon second from left on the top row:- “Backup Disc”. This will make an image on your HDD and then it will ask u 2 insert a blank disc once the image has been recorded. Set error recovery to ignor, set jitter correction 2 auto and set subcode analysis to auto. Set retry count to 1. Set the audio and data speeds to 1 x (as this will make a better image). On the recording options make sure the speed is set to 1 x speed. IMPORTANT!!!: It is vital that u use your CD Burner to make the image not a cd-rom drive. U cannot make a bit-by-bit back up using an ordinary cd-rom drive, u must use your burner. Good Luck.


Ch5 Micky


I have tried copying it and it says bufferunder run errors anyone know how to copy it or what kinda of copy protection it has


hi man…

this prog is not copy protected!!!

its something with your hardware (reader/writer)


Hy ,

Make an image on your hd then burn it. Maybe you don’t have enough buffer on your writer.

Or try defrag your hd that also will help.

Use Nero burning rom for burning.