Does anyone know how to convert xvid-sug files?

I have acquired an xvid sug file that i need to put on dvd for a friend…i have tried my usual nero programme to do this but it gets half way through and then crashes…
does anyone know how i can convert this file to a normal avi or mpeg file?

any help will be appreciated.
thanks in advance


here is a link to the report generated by gspot…any advice on how to decode this file so i can burn it would be greatly helpful…

and my mrs will be very grateful too!! :wink:

If you read your GSPOT posting, it shows this is an XVID file. So, you need tools to convert XVID to whatever format you desire. Go to, and look for XVID conversion tools. You might have to try a couple of different ones to get it to work. I’m guessing you are looking to go from XVID to DVD, which there is a program I believe that is called XVID2DVD or something similar. You will have some quality loss on the conversion. If your dvd player will play xvid video, then you just need to burn it to dvd and leave it as an xvid file.

Just a couple of things to add…

It’s a packed bitstream, so you might have to unpack with MPEG4 Modifier first.
Also it’s AC3 audio which might be throwing off Nero if you don’t have a free DirectShow decoder such as AC3filter installed.

If you have not yet found a suitable application to convert your Xvid’s to DVD, give FAVC (freeware) a try.

It allows you to place I believe 8 titles onto a DVD with Menu’s. Great piece of software which is very easy to use step-by-step.

Use HC Encoder as your encoder (bundled in the installation) and you cannot go wrong. I have yet to encounter audio/video which is out-of-sync using it.

Other info:
Requires Microsoft’s .NET framework v2 and at least v2.57 of Avisynth.

Here’s a guide: