Does anyone know for sure if the Plex 716SA works with an ASUS A7N8X mobo?

I’m very interested in purchasing this drive from Newegg however I need to be certain that it will work otherwise it would be wasting my time and money.

Does anyone know for sure if it will work or not? Thanks in advance and please be easy on the newb.

I don’t think there’ll be compatible problems between motherboard and DVD recoder.

PX-712SA is said to be compatible only with Intel chipset SATA controler!
There is strong possibility that PX-716SA behave the same.
The Asus A7N8X MB (Silicon Image 3112 SATA controler) is not on the compatibility list, so expect some problem here!
This is to be confirmed…

NB: as an alternative, a PX-716A with an Abit Serillel2 SATA to IDE converter (8€ here) is compatible (SiImage chip in there), more flexible and efficient, and less expensive IMHO!..

Here is a list of the compatible motherboards for the PX-716SA/SW

I too have an Asus A7N8X. As far as I’m concerned the motherboard hasn’t been tested yet for compatibility.

Plextor states:

The compatibility list contains a limited number of motherboards (and PCI cards) supporting SATA or SATA RAID that have been factory tested with the Plextor PX-712SA or PX-716SA drive. Your motherboard may not be on this list. This does not mean your motherboard will not work with the PX-712SA or PX-716SA, only that it has not been tested with the drive.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the final word on this from Plextor. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions regarding whether or not the drive works until Plextor tests it and reports their conclusions.

Of course, you can always buy the drive and see if it works first hand if you don’t want to wait on Plextor to do additional testing. If it doesn’t work, you can always return it.


I dont understand why would you want a sata dvd burner. I think the ide version will give you more options for now.

I dont know that motherboard but make sure its not hooked up on a sata raid, because that wont work, just plain sata

I have a A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Asus says the 716sa will work on it if you flash your bios to 1008 first (1009 if board version is under 2.0).

I have an a7n8x deluxe myself and the reason I would like to use an SATA DVD burner is that I could then put in another IDE hard drive. A question that I have is that can I boot off of the Plextor 716sa?

The Silicon Image Sil 3112 SATA controller on this motherboard uses the PCI bus while the IDE controllers bypass it completely.

In my current setup, I have three IDE hard drives and a 4x IDE DVD burner. Of the three IDE hard drives, two are attached to parallel-to-serial ATA converters so that each device is hooked up to its own controller by itself. No master/slave configuration of any sort.

The sustained transfer rates of my three hard drives are around 60MB/s with the peak rate at 100MB/s (UltraDMA 5). Reading or writing to both of these at the same time will have the potential for saturating the shared PCI bus. My 4x IDE burner burns at a rate of 5500 kB/s and have a peak transfer rate of 33MB/s (UltraDMA 3) which is much slower than the hard drives.

The 16x Plextor will presumably burn at about 22MB/s but will also be slower than the hard drives.

This is, ofcourse, totally meaningless for the newer generations of motherboards on which the SATA controllers also bypass the PCI bus. Also, the whole point of PCI Express is that the sort of sharing I’ve described is almost completely eliminated except for any legacy PCI slots.

This sort of thing CAN be become part of an argument for upgrading your PC but there is a legitmate point for wanting an SATA DVD burner.

I forgot to ask: Where is this new 1009 BIOS? I don’t see it at the Asus website.

I have an earlier version of the A7N8X Deluxe.

When I emailed their support devision, the help guy emailed me back with the new 1009 bios attached (although it wasn’t for my board.)

I would send it to you but I trashed it about 5 days ago. Question for you. Why don’t you own some sata hdd?

At the time I got the first two of my three hard drives, well over a year ago, there were no “true” SATA drives available. Those SATA drives available were really IDE drives with an SATA bridge built-in. The price premium for those were more than that of the converters that I bought.

As for my third drive, I recently got a Hitachi 7k250 250GB drive that was on a rebate special at CompUSA (will be US$83 after rebate). I was planning on getting one of the newer SATA drives but I found the price simply irresistable.

I suspect that the hard drive manufacturers are now dumping their inventory of IDE drives and will now be doing SATA in a big way. Or maybe they’re anticipating a major nosedive in the value of the U.S. dollar. The $80 rebate that I should get within several months will probably not be worth what it is now.

BTW, can you give me the contact information for tech support at Asus?

I have an A7N8X-Deluxe 1.04, and have a 712SA connected to it. There’s just one problem - it will only work if I disconnect my Seagate sata drive. So I have to shutdown, and change cables everytime I want to access my spare drive. But there shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t plan on using more than 1 of the two sata-connectors.

Don’t know if this applies to you frodeja but I read something talking about if you have an sata burner and a sata hdd, don’t do a raid. Just run both drives independent of each other.
Hey mugly, if you’re trying to save money on a hdd, for future use try

That’s part of the problem - the sata controller is a raid controller, you can’t turn it off. And believe me I’ve tried the different unofficial bios’, which only succeeded in locking up my pc.

Anyways, I’m changing the motherboard to a MSI K8N Neo2, and it should make that particular problem go away… :slight_smile:

Hey mugly, sorry for the delay. I’m in the process of moving. Go to and under support there is “contact.” I think I sent my email to them under their “technical support.” That tends to get a response faster. Tell them you need the 1009 bios so you can hook up your drive.
Hey frodeja…question. You can’t have 2 independent sata hdd? There’s no way to not set up a raid?

Hey mugly, found that 1009 bios. Remember, this is for under 2.0 revision.

Never mind. The file is too big to upload.

Hey mugly, email me and I’ll send that file back to ya if you’d like.

I don’t know, but I don’t think that will be a problem. When I was trying to connect both the Plextor and the Seagate at the same time, it would hang at verifying dmi pool. My guess is it checks for hdds, for the possibility of creating a raid.