Does anyone know anything about the HP 630i?

I’ve been shopping around for a bit trying to decide on what DVD burner to purchase, and a store near by is selling HP 630i’s for $149.95 Canadian. I did a price search and found the average price to be over $200 US! So now I want to know everything there is to know about this burner. A search of CD Freaks came up empty, with the only reference to this drive being a news article from early July talking about the HP 420 and 530i’s and that the 630i might be a rebranded NEC 3500. So, anyone know anything? How can I go about finding out for myself? Google and Dogpile both came up with more Canon camera hits than this DVD drive.
Thanks in advance!

With 2.4x DL it certainly isn’t an NEC ND-3500AG. The box has a picture of an Lite-On short loader. We’d put money on it being a 1633S.

Brother Vlad

I saw someone mention that his drive shows up as a dvd630c. HP drives ending with c in the name string have been Philips-BenQ drives in the past.
At HP shopping the specs now also shows that it can write DVD-R at 16x (while other specs have showed 8x). The picture of the internal drive is a Lite-On though but maybe it’s just a photoshopped dvd530 or maybe HP changed manufacturer or maybe they use both Lite-On and BenQ? The picture of the external dvd630e looks more like a BenQ though (based on the placement of the emergency eject hole).