Does anyone know anything about the AIX OS

I have a Tape Drive that needs the firmware upgrading, the snag is it is in AIX format which is a seperate OS. So where can I can get an aix shell running under windows so I can issue aix commands to update the firmware. This cannot be impossible, so would some peep like to help me out. Plz

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I just asked an experience dude on AIX and this not impossible but nearly impossible. Mayby it is possible to push your bin file with a program that can write to any registry But this is Very dangerous because you do not know in which reg it is written you need to know what the begin adress and end adress is.

If you do not need to do this, don’t do this

I sujest that you try to find an AIX box or something like that

I will explain again, the tape drive came out of an aix box, it is SCSI and works fine with Windows ME(Retail boxed) The tape drive needs its firmware updating from 1995 -2000. I have the bin files, but for obvious reasons cannot issues aix commands under windows. The aix command Diagnostics is used to update the drive, so how can I do this.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!