Does anyone know anything about imgburn?

I really need some help, i am very new to this and i am trying to burn on imgburn and at the bottom when i try to finish my dvd it says 'Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present) So what does that mean?? :confused:

That generally means you don’t have a blank dvd in the drive. Or the drive is not recognizing the disk you [B]do[/B] have in there as a blank dvd.

Tell us the make and model drive and blank dvds that you are using. You’re getting this message just before trying to burn?

ok well i have a dell laptop…im sorry but i really dont know a whole lot about this stuff! but i am using maxell DVD+R and i do have a blank disc in there!! but in the destination place it has sony CDRWDVD CRX880A (E:) Its driving me crazy i have tried for 3 days to burn a dvd i have and i just cant figure it out! i have the movie copied onto my comp. from dvd fab 5 but i cant go anywhere from there!!! but yes i am getting this b4 i burn

Seems you have a CD-R burner but only a DVD reader. Have a look at this thread