Does anyone know an IP blocker for Vista?

Hey, I’ve recently started uploading alot of my coveted library to my newly created Demonoid account, but I’m concerned about getting a good IP blocker. I searched around and found some decent ones, but none of them are compatible with Windows Vista yet.

Does anyone know of a good one that is currently available for Vista?

PeerGuardian is a pretty effective IP blocker for BitTorrent and other file sharing applications, which is very simple to use. They have a Release Candidate test of version 2.0 available at the moment, which claims to support Windows Vista, unlike their current stable version. This can be downloaded from Softpedia here.

If you have already tried using this test version or prefer not to use test software, one thing that would be worth trying is creating a BartPE boot disc with a portable Firefox version(to browse for Torrents) and run your Torrent software and PeerGuardian on this. I haven’t tried this so far, so am not sure if PeerGuardian will run in a PE environment. As BartPE does not seem to include network drivers that work with Virual PC, the PC would need to directly boot from the disc, although this may not be much of an issue if you mainly leave your PC idle with Torrents running.

Have you paid a visit to to see what they might have available?

Yes there is an alternative to Peerguardian which does not yet support Vista, [B]however this one is not free. [/B]