Does anyone here play Hitman blood money on a Geforce 4mx 4000 graphic card?

Does anyone here play Hitman blood money on a Geforce 4mx 4000 graphics card? Cause when i ran the demo it loaded up about 25% and then it went back to the desktop. Is there a patch that will let me play this game or is my graphic card not compatible?

The Geforce 4 MX’s are speeded up versions of the Geforce2 MX’s, which were popular about 8 years ago.

No new features have been added to these cards.
It’s highly possible that the GF4MX card is not supported by newer titles.

Please read the “Readme” for your game.

I doubt your MX series card is supported. FX series (a real video card) is required, minimum.

Might be time to upgrade your video card to something recent, like an ATI-X1300 or equivalent low-end nvidia card (6200 maybe?)

AGP is starting to become obsolete (hence rare), since everything is moving to PCI-E, so make a decision quickly.

yeah the Geforce 4 mx card WONT work as blood money requires a pixel shader that your video card dont support (i dont remember exactly which version but i know that your card dont support it)

I can make you a Powerpoint presentation slideshow if you’d like to see what Blood Money would look like on a GeForce4.

Check out this site which will tell you if you meet the minimum requirements. :slight_smile: