Does anyone here knows CD boot which bypass BIOS

Hi all,

Maybe I need some direction where to ask my following regarding booting ANY-PC on Earth using a CD/DVD.

Who am I ?

I’m Timmo’ at (in-buiding stage). On my upcoming site I simplify a PuppyLinux fork, a linux dostribution named Muppy to a target of d’ most lefthanded innocent users available on Earth.

My yet-three “technical demands” from a Potchan (=opener) user R:

  1. Can you send an email on your own ?
  2. Can you use a TOASTER without technician’s aid ?
  3. Can you adjust 1st. BIOS boot to CD/DVD-ROM ?
    (-this 3rd. one is an OBSTICLE to many innocent ones).

Me myself stand on a better place technically, but not too much better
than this.

Where I succeed simplification ?

The main Potchan sits on an unzipped folder 2Gb+ you put on root HD (“c” or “d” don’t matter). You can do it from your Windows/else session.

Next, with one click the innocent user burns about 7M bootie files on a
blank CD/DVD.

This is AFAIK my succeeding so far without any help.

Where do I FAIL simplification ?

The CD doesn’t “tell” PC where to boot itself. If BIOS is not configured
as CD/DVD to B its 1st. boot - the user I want so much is about to
freaks-out on me, or even worse: needs help from a buddy. This “buddy” (a friend/neighbor/Windows dealer) can help but it also unsimplifies process for me. A buddy can also influence “my” innocent one not to go-on with Potchan. So I lose my ‘examplar’ user before getting even my 1st. real one

So I’d wish that my 3rd. demand - a HUGE barrier to manyones - to be
cancelled ASAP.

So my question is :

Can my bootCD/DVD tell PC to bypass whatever BIOS says and boot from CD/DVD ? (If YOU don’t have a clue, Who does ?)

Short answer: I don’t see how that would be possible.

The CD cannot “do” anything during boot - it’s a completely passive piece of polycarbonate.

Only the computer itself (BIOS) can decide to read from the CD to find out if it’s bootable, and then load the boot files from the CD.

further discussions on this at:

and -

Enjoy, Timmo’.:iagree:

[B]@potchan:[/B] your posts here are very welcome, but all your referrals to other sites only confirm that what you propose just isn’t possible.

I sincerely hope you achieve your aim of booting a PC without accessing BIOS level, but I wonder when will you finally believe those experts, of whom you asked for their expert opinion…?

Just not possible without hardware hacks.