Does anyone here actually use lightscribe?

I have read many people putting lightscribe down, but I have not heard from anyone that actually uses it.

Now that the 1655 is starting to get a little cheaper I am thinking of giving it a whirl and maybe even trying lightscribe.

Does anyone actually like it?


Yes, I use it, I like it, but the downfall is that there are limited colors on the market currently (one color-gold). Eventually there will be more, but not 100% sure when.

Not personally it takes a long time and i like colors, my epson is faster and gives me nice results.

I have used it on special discs, like my sons birthday party video, and his little league games and such, but not for movies, I just use the Casio Disc title printer for that, just text, name of movie and cast. With the Casio you can use any discs.

Hi :slight_smile:
Shouldn’t the question be will there be LightScribe or LabelFlash in the future. First LS. Obviously more expensive than the standard disc. Availability is improving + plus many of those who’ve tried this media have found the record quality surprisingly high. Whether the ‘back coating’ has some contribution has yet to be seen/proved. Could be because of cost/profit more care is being taken in production. Also much easier to get worldwide with easy access to s/w. So the future (albeit probably short term) quite bright.
LF however looks to be stranded by comparison. Nec the only drive AFAIK with this feature so far (Pioneer appear to be opting for LS). LF not an option currently in the states (quite a sizable market you would have thought). The initial ‘exclusiveness’ of s/w. Cost & availability of media.
The competition. TDK/Casio* disc label printer works on all. Plain simple clear & quick. Printers also quick & colour. Again works with all most standard media. Even if you had to buy a printer for this purpose. It wouldn’t take that long to recoup the initial outlay.
Of course there are also folks like me who’ve just managed the art of sharpies.

  • Good deals for the bargain hunters like alan1476. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used it a few times to print CD labels for some shows i got from Pearl Jam’s website. I printed out the artwork, so it seemed a shame not to a cd label, had the lightscribe, so I got some lightscribe discs and they turned out pretty good.

Its not something I use alot, but a novelty feature that comes in handy from time to time.

Although I have a BenQ1655 I still haven’t tried LS. This is partly because of cost, partly because scans I have seen of LS burns don’t look too good and partly because I’m concerned that Using LS or printing to a disk may damage it in some way. This is probably irrational. Is there any scan quality deterioration when printing to a disk or using LS ?

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HarrySmith, all valid points I’d say with just 1 reservation. The quality is actually quite good. Although I prepared/cooked & ate a three course meal while my 1655 did the business. I did my trial on a free LS cd that I got with some drive (Lite-ON I think) Still haven’t put anything on the disc (data etc). It is very difficult to get a picture posted that does the image any justice.

HP LS cd is ok, but LS DVD is much worse.
burnt 5 cd and 2-3 dvd first week i got dw1655, never touch them again.
speed is too slow, take 3 time @ best quality ~90 min to get a somewhat ok scan is too much time to take
surething is better SW than nero which come with the drive

That would be an alternative, i think the last time i’ve seen an offer wasn’t much expensive.

I, too, normally use the magic sharpies, but special discs require something a little unique. I found it’s quite time consuming to use multiple colors of sharpies to decorate a disc with an image (yes, I did this once, never again) :disagree:.

i’ve done about a dozen ls discs. media is not that expensive (got the hp @staples on sale with ink coupon). with regards to output, simple adage applies, garbage in/garbage out. if the image u start with is good and u use best quality, then it looks great (not in color tho). i burned a disc, then did ls and then did a kprobe scan. results were remarkable, i posted scan in benq 1655 forum if u want to look. so i don;t think ls burns effect quality. big downside 30 flippin mins to label a disc. i’ll probably finish my spindle but i won;t kill myself to make ls discs.

I make Video CDs of Home Movies and CD “jam” sets from my collection to give to friends for special occasions. I bought 25 pack cakes of HP 52x LS media on sale at Staples for $8.94. These were CMC Magnetics mfg. Look at this post for a indication of the quality after LightScribing a label (QS=100). The only drawback is 25 minutes to label a disc. Combine the current LightScibe drivers and Surething Labeling Software (both free at with a DW1655 with BCDB firmware and you will only have to burn once to get great looking labels.
Ritek media, not a LightScribe disc (Maxell), QS=98
Same media type but not a LightScribe disc (HP), QS=97

given current costs and the time to burn I don’t think I will use LS

Normally I buy Taiyo Yuden White printable. Could anyone suggest an inkjet (?)
printer that I could use with these disks ? which will NOT damage the disks.

I would love to use lightscribe on a regular basis, but the cost and availability of the media is still very poor. :frowning:

@ HarrySmiith
If you don’t like to spend much you could go for an epson, i personally have the r300 and i’m satisfied. Otherwise there are good canon printers out there.

I have the Epson r220 and I love it. Got lightscribe and it just can’t compare. With the printer the average guy couldn’t tell the difference.

I do have the Epson R200 and as long I remember to do a head cleaning before starting a disc my TY’s come out great.

Last I checked the cannon printers in the U.S. did not have CD/DVD printing ability.
The same printers in other parts of the world do though.

I am not sold on lightscribe, but I thought it might be worth a try. I might still do it.
The one thing I like is not having to wait a day or 2 for it to completely dry.


Thanks Rapid Fire and others. I have just bought a Canon IP5200R.
I don’t really need another printer but thought why not ? one of the others might fail one day, I can print photos if I want, I can print “better” color charts for my clients, its neat to be able to have a printer anywhere in the house and just print via wireless from anyone of 4 machines and oh yes I can print to my YUDEN000T02 - which to be honest is the reason I bought it - the other “benefits” are just thrown in to justify the cost.

I just burned a disk scanned before and after printing and there is no damage that I can see.

Well, i would love to, but the disks are just too expensive where I stay

I found an hp lightscribe cd for $2.25 and dvdds for $4.50 which is just too much.

I just bought one to test, but in general i would say I am waiting.