Does anyone have the Sony DWD22A BYS2 Firmware?



I was having trouble burning DVD’s with Nero 6.6 on 4x Maxell DVD-R. It always errored out after 97%. I read some posting to flash the Sony drive with Liteon 1633s BS41 firmware. So, I used the Liteon EPROM utiliy to backup and flash the new firmware. It turns out that Nero now does not see the DVD drive as the write options are grayed out and it only shows folder or image as the burn destination. I went to restore the original Sony firmware and found that it was only 1kB and that the backup did not work. Now I’m stuck with with the Liteon firmware. If you have it in bin format please send it to Many Thanks! or if you know how I can get this DVD drive to work with Nero 6.6, tha twould be great too.


Have just emailled you a copy of mine. Let me know how it goes, happy to share if anyone else needs it.


Here is firmware BYS3 -


Not sure if they are still around - but there were a couple of 1633S firmwares converted to DRU-710 ID - if the Nero is sony-locked, that would keep it happy - if you search, you migt find a reference to them in this section, or recordin hardware - Liteon


wich is better BYS3 or BYS2 i have BYS3 should I change it??


I need help I just bought a DWD 122A DVD RW with the BYS2 firmware and I have DVD X COPY Platinum… When I put a dvd in it to burn a backup copy it says that this movie is CSS encrypted.This version of DVD X Copy cannot backup CSS encrypted movies… I dont understand this because I have a Lite-on DVD RW and it works just fine I have burned 100 movies with it… I just wanted a faster burnner…I have downloaded AnyDVD to get rid of the CSS encrypted but it still tells me the samething…Do I need to upgrade to new firmware?? Please help!!!