Does Anyone Have the Lg GSA 4160b Bin Unpatched Firmware?

hi, i’m a newbie to the forum and i REALLY liked the stuff and the documents that is published.
i have a dvd burner lg gsa 4160 b
and i need an original unpatched bin or hex firmware backup of my drive.
i have the patched version but because of installing the rpc1 first, counter has burned.
and my firends tell me that after installing auto (rpc2-that saves the counter to ram that it will be like new after restarting-) it will be useless
to overcome it, i have to have an original unpatched firmware of my dirve.
if someone has it, can you please mail me or upload as an attcahment to the forum?
my mail adress is:

i need this one else becase i done a bad flash job and i want flashing with the original firmware (A300). I used A301 to A304 and all them dont work on my drive and it dont read or write cd/dvd anymore!

Go here

Hello, this is not the .HEX file, i have tried instaling this one but it dont works

All i need the the .HEX file so that i will can flashing by MTKWinFlash

The drive does not use an MTK chipset. We don’t have original A300 in binary form.

Brother Vlad