Does anyone have a Sony 810UL Ext

Does anyone have a Sony 810UL Ext., I have heard that the internal 810 is a rebadged BenQ 1640. I would like to know if the external model can be flashed via firewire to BEGB BenQ firmware and if anyone has scans of this drive. I now have a NEC 4550 external and am very disappointed with it. I can buy a Sony 810 external for the same price but it can’t be crossflashed to a BenQ 164B I don’t want it. If anyone can help please let me know.

True. The internal version of the drive put up no fight flashing iver the the DW1640 and EW164B

I would like to know if the external model can be flashed via firewire to BEGB BenQ firmware…

I hate to say it so crudely, but if you can use BQFlasher (you know of this infamous tool from the BenQ side of town, right?) with a stock Sony firmware flasher, you can use BQFlasher to flash the drive to other xW164x drives’ firmwares. It is said that the USB connection is better for flashing, and Firewire is better for top speeds.

…and if anyone has scans of this drive.

I would go with the scans of the DW1640 and its clones in the BenQ thread; I am not sure if the chipset in the Sony box is able to go it at 16x DVD burning (not too many people posting using a DRU-810A period), but it is pretty much a sure bet of 12x, at the least (I don’t believe Sony would pair their drive with a flaky chipset). If all else fails, and you can’t get a proper transfer rate for high speeds, you can return it for an external casing for one of the drives you already own and grab an internal 810A.

What external casing would you suggest with a firewire connection.

If anyone is interested, I bought the external Sony 810UL and crossflashed it with Quikees flasher via firewire to BEFB BenQ firmware. The burst rate stayed the same at 24mbs which gives me a full 16X an the read and 15X+ writing. I am very happy with this drive.

alan1476, try BEGB and you may be able to read at 16x. That worked for me with PL3507.

BEGB - 16.07X read speed- Great drive for an external

Hey alan, did you retain the functionality of the FW400 port/s after flashing it to a BenQ 164B/BEGB? I’ve just recently found and bought a new retail version of the DRX-810UL with the intention of crossflashing it to it’s BenQ counterpart. And would you know what chipset the Sony DRX-810UL uses for FireWire and USB2.0?