Does anyone have a link to a 'how to" on dual-booting win8 and win7?

Can anybody post a link to one of those?
As you can tell, I’m a noob. Reason I’m posting here in the first place… lol

Google is your friend buddy :slight_smile:
Here are some links,2817,2408280,00.asp

I would have thought it would be easier to send you a “Don’t Do”

Dual-Boot is a classic case of false redundancy.

You only get ONE BOOTLDR with a windows computer. However many operating systems you have even if you put all your OS installs on seperated drives, ONE.

and if the one drive with BOOTLDR fails you lose ALL your operating systems.

Frankly I prefer swapping system drives like Atari cartridges than “Tangle them” together with a Dual- or Multi- boot setup.