Does anyone have a 3551 drive?

I’ve already seen lots of people posting about their 3550, 4550 and 4551 drives. But not a single user seems to have a 3551 drive. Does nobody actually buy this drive or do the owners of this drive simply not post here? :confused:


I can’t find either the 4551 or the 3551 for sale in the states…shrug



Actually I bought one 2 hours ago and already burned a couple of discs. It is labelled NEC ND-3551A on top but with no LabelFlash or NEC logo on the front panel. At the dealer they only had black ones and but I was explicit that I needed white/light beige, so I guess they may have changed the front panel. Neither there is any software to go along with it.

Can I be of some help?

btw in the meantime I downloaded necflash_wingui (ver. 1.23) and when starting it, it says: “no supported devices found”, which should not be so :confused:

Binflash still does not support the 3551. That was my main reason for asking :bigsmile:

Instructions on how to continue have been sent via PM.

Liggy released Binflash 1.24 (with 3551 support) and a new 3551 2.01 (Orig & RPC1) firmware version on his page. Thanks Liggy & stenxxx!

Not at all :smiley: It was interesting, too! The guy is a pro. :flower:

and a final comment:

Don’t mend it, if it’s not broken!

Got one today and labelflash is built in nero latest update. Tried to burn a label on a dvd at top quality but it took too long, almost 30min and I canceled it ot avoid damaging the drive; next time will try with the worst quality. My 1st experience with it was reading a home dvd movie and it didn’t work, stopped on an error that my laptop’s combo drive didn’t notice and allowed me to make a full copy. Burned also a dvd movie and the copy wasn’t good, I suspect this burner is not taking too long here…

Labelflash is only enabled with the correct drive and Nero version/serial.

Update the firmware of your drive if possible!

Labelflash is only enabled with the correct drive and Nero version/serial.

I have both.

Update the firmware of your drive if possible!

Still browsing…

By the way, just found it doesn’t record at less than 8x, no good for audio :frowning:

If Liggy would send me money i would buy a 3551 for beta-testing :smiley:

I would test flash my drive with Liggy’s firmware but I haven’t decided yet if I am keeping it or return it to the store, exchange it for another drive that records at 4x and that produces less noise, like my old Pioneer.

Keep the NEC…

Probably I’m not supposed to say it here, but some people have reported very good results after crossflashing their crappy 3551 to 4551. But since it’s new, you’d better return it.