Does anyone ever have trouble during burning with AnyDVD enabled?

Is it okay to leave AnyDVD enabled during burning (movies or PS2 games) with ImgBurn?

Sometimes I just forget to turn off AnyDVD when I’m burning either movies or PS2 DVD games, and I didn’t use ‘verify’ feature in ImgBurn.

I for one trust the author when he says AnyDVD can interfere with burning using ImgBurn so I have never tried it. I do not let AnyDVD autostart and use it only when ripping a movie.

Only did a couple with AnyDVD on and had no problems with them.
Using ImgBurn on a Windows XP Home system Q6600 Quad Core

I have no issues with AnyDVD either…it’s just a precaution and it’s a good idea to verify your burns.

AnyDVD does stuff when you ‘read’ from the drive, not when you ‘write’ to it.

As such it won’t do anything when burning, just when reading / verifying. That’s why I mention that it can cause problems (miscompares) during the verify stage if it modifies something.