Does anyone ever have good DVD +rw's on sale?

What are the top brand of DVD+rw’s for Lite-On’s? Are they same as the +r manufacturers - Sony (if TY), Verbatim, Maxell, Fuji (if TY). Does TY even issue a DVD rw disk?

I think Verbatim DVD+RW discs are supposed to be very good. They normally sell for $18 for a 10 pack at OfficeMax. About 3 weeks ago they went on sale for $10. Keep an eye out for that.

Will do. Thanks for the info.

Some time ago I grabbed 30 pack of Verbatim DVD+RW in Office Depot for $12

CompUSA had a 25pk TDK branded ( philips 004) for $9.99, which work OK on Liteon stand alones. I am not sure if they still have the sale price.

Yea their so good I get 5 burn’s max on a benq 1640 before I have to throw them out :Z

Fry’s Electronics has memorex brand on sale for $14.99 per Spindle of 25.

staples has sony on sale this week. 12.98 - $5 off coupon = 7.98 25pk
dont know the mid though

Probably either Ricoh or Sony made.

Usually Sony DVD+RW’s are a MID code of S11. Those are pretty quality.

See this thread on DVD RW media in the BenQ Form. The Sony’s could also be RicohJPN W11.

I use RW media frequently to transfer TV shows from my PC to my Divx-capable standalone DVD player. I only use DVD-R to archive a whole season and then only for shows I know I will want to view again in the future. So, the rewritable capability has uses for me.

I find that - no matter how careful I am - regular RW media gets scratched up and then doesn’t work properly.

So, I find that by far the best RW media is Verbatim 4x DVD+RW “Videogard” media that are “over 40 times more scratch resistant”. has them for $13.99 for a 10 pack (which comes in slim DVD cases) and also has free shipping on orders over $25. You can find other stores by searching .

This is cost effective, because they should last longer and not need replacing as often as cheaper RW’s.

The last two batches of Sony +RW were RICOHJPNW11. Usually this is good media. Mine burned on 4 different burners and were unreadable. The scans had PIF errors peaking near 100.