Does anyone ever get any straight support from

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Situation: I used DVDfab Platnum to convert a VOB files from home made DVD, which I no long have the raw video, into AVI files. Once converted, neither Ulead Medistudio Pro nor Camtasia can play the AVI file. The only video player on my SYstem that can play the converted AVI is GOM Player.

Since then, I emailed the DVDidle team requesting simple straight answer/support for what kind of codec is being used in their DVDfab Platnum’s conversion of VOB files to AVI file, what I got were cyclical questions whether or not my converted file can be played in my pc–even after I repeately gave them the answer. It seems they were trying to avoid answering my question; instead, they repeatedly asking the same question over and over. When I finally stated the fact of what is happening, they refuse to further reply to my question.

Are these people capable of simply providing a straight and simple answer after all the info I provided them with? Has anyone have better luck with DVDidle team?

Does anyone here have asked for information that the DVDidle team refuses to answer?

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I have, but it sometimes takes a dew days. They also try to make sure that you have read FAQs on the site and tries a few things and may reqyest that you sent them some files so they can try to duplicate the problem. Also the time differences between where you are and their location can be responsible for a delay. Also give then as much information as possible about the problem.


Thank you for your thought. With regards to giving them information, I have provided all the information they ever requested.

With regards to the FAQ, I’ve been there, no answers found.

With regards to time differences, I didn’t have any problem with my initial contacts and it has been close two weeks now since I last email them. That ought to be plenty of time, don’t you think?

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I have read some posts that beta takes care of several problems in that area.


I hear ya. I’ve been trying for weeks to buy their DVD Region Free programme with no response. You’d think they’d help me give them money.

At the same time, I’m feeling lost and sad for you, regarding that so simple and straightforward question. Still nobody has been able to help you out on this one, then I’ll answer it.

Here’s the reason why it plays in the GOM player (very good one by the way):
GOM Player is a free multimedia player with popular [B]video and audio codecs built-in[/B]. GOM Player supports file formats such as AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX, [B]XviD[/B], WMV, ASF and more. [I]Users don’t have to install codecs separately[/I].

Here’s the 1st part of the answer:
DVDFab (ffmpeg/avcodec libraries) use [B]XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec[/B] (the BEST one as I’m concerned) for their [I][U]AVI container[/U][/I] conversion. So, if you plan to play these files with [I]ANY[/I] other software player (WMP, for instance) that makes use and rely on ([U]Direct Show filters[/U]), then you NEED to install the proper one. NEVER, did I say NEVER, install the so called “Codecs Pack”, if you don’t want your whole system get messed up, ONLY the one you need (one at a time). The only exception to this “rule of thumb” would be FFDSHOW and even there…

Here’s the 2nd part of the answer:
Just download and install the latest stable XviD 1.1.0 final build binary (XviD-1.1.0-30122005.exe (628kb)). Please note that setup will install correctly on Win 2k/XP only. If you’re running Win 98/ME, then just let me know and I’ll provive you with a “trick/tweak” to make it works.

3rd and final part being just sit, relax and enjoy the AWESOME quality (I love it!..)

P.S.: You did NOT mention anything about AUDIO. All I can say is the same applies to Audio Codec. The only ones that you may worry about are AC3 and DTS (because MP2/MPA, (L)PCM and MP3 SHOULD already by default being parts and supported by any standard Windows system). Just let it know if you’re in such a need though. FYI, DVDFab uses LAME MP3 Audio Codec for conversion if you’re NOT using the “audiocopy PROFILE (by means of original audio stream source)”.


hi, Techson

I am very sorry for not correct and directly answer to your problem, because the “DVD to mobile” is a new feature for our supporter, so there are maybe some misunderstand for that, sorry again.

The problem of your GOM player cannot correct play, please check the reply from pdcinterfaces, which is very good, thanks very much for pdcinterfaces !

The problem of Ulead Medistudio Pro cannot open it, I will test it and give you the answer, I guess maybe codec or some container flag problem.


Hi Techson,

Have you installed codec like ffdshow? It can enable you to playback many format media files:

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Thank you, pdcinterfaces, for stepping up to the plate!

It is unfortunate that simple issue like this has to be forced for the solution through the public, not that it would not help other users. And, best yet, you may not even be a part of the DVDidle team. Hat off to you!

Thank you for the rest of the information. I am running Windows XP.

As for audio, I have no idea I’d need separate codec for it. Just thought that whatever codec used for the conversion would automatically take care of both video and audio, as I did not plane to play the audio separate from the video.

On the other hand, please kindly help me to better appreciate the need for the audio codec in this situation – conversion VOB files to AVI file. Or are you implying a different situation where indivual audio file is being converted?

Again, I appreciate your excellent sharing/teaching here.

Hello Ting,

Thank you for your support. I can unerstand that English is not your native language and certain concepts can be difficult to fully understand because I am struggling with the same thing, too.

If I misunderstood you, please help me to better understand. I was not trying to use “DVD to mobile”. I was simply trying to regenerate raw video footages for further video editing; granted, such regenerated video footage can be further used in the various mobile platforms.

The problem of your GOM player cannot correct play, please check the reply from pdcinterfaces, …

Please be very clear here. It is not that my GOM player that isn’t able to play the converted video; rather, it is completely the opposite – the [U][B]only player that can play[/B][/U].

The problem of Ulead Medistudio Pro cannot open it, I will test it and give you the answer, I guess maybe codec or some container flag problem.

Would really appreciate your findings…will be awaiting.

Thank you,

Hello Fengtao,

Like wise, thank you for your support here.

If ffdshow is what I need in order to play the converted AVI file, then you know the answer.

Appreciate the link. Will look into it.

Hope your support team will improve your direct support and not forcing your users or potential users to publically express disatisfaction. It is unfortunate I have to come here for the simple and straight answer. Hopefully, other users can use the response.