Does anyone else have this prob with plextools



It’ll work but then one day I’ll boot up and it’ll hog up the cpu and won’t work correctly again until I reinstall the program. this was a issue when i first bought the 716A a couple of months back and it still is now with all new hardware and fresh install


disable the Autostart with Windows in Preferences and your problem goes away…


Are you saying it’s a known issue then?


used to happen to me once and a while when i had it autostarting with windows but not consistently…i don’t feel the need to have it autostart so haven’t experienced that issue in a long while…

it happens to some others as well (so i’ve read here in the past), so i think it’s a bug…probably happens while PT is scanning the channels for devices…


Yes I am in complete agreement with drpino, disable autostart. Even when Windows is up and running Plextools pretty much wont let me do anything else while it’s launching. Probably is a bug but drpino’s suggestion is a pretty easy work around.


kk just wanted to make sure it wasn’t because of the drive. i’ll disable autostart. thanks for the info guys!