Does anyone else get these problems with MS Hotmail?

About 30-70% of the time (depending on when I try) I get gateway timeouts.

About 90% of the time when I open up 2 or more windows to check my multiple Hotmail accounts (for work, etc), only one opens, the rest don’t respond.

Is it just me or do I think Microsoft is trying to reduce multiple accounts practise and get users to buy the larger pay-to-use accounts? Or it could be my crappy 56.6k too T.T

Nope, mine works fine - never got this message <i>ever</i>. What connection do you have?

I think its a cookie conflict…
the cookie register one name when you try to add one more name

i used to open / check hotmail one by one or…
using outlook express…

Got two accounts, accessing from multiple locations, never had problems you spoke of. Are you behind some proxy or firewall?

Never had a problem using Incredimail.

the problem i have is no spam control, even with my block sender list at the max. of 250, i still get junk mail out the arse.:a

So make a couple of folders, setup a few custom filters, which will sort all the shit to trash and all the personals to the inbox. Ain’t rocket science.

im really too lazy to do that. I’ll stick with yahoo mail. The main purpose of my hotmail account is for when i sign up for things on the net. yahoo is what i use to get emails from friends family and here.