Does Anyone Else besides Mango have 166S BIN f/w?

Just installed the 166S and ran the damn windows f/w flasher, and what do you know, it killed my DVDROM. Guess there’s a reason why I should’ve stick to MTKFlash. Anyway, Mango’s links got cut and I was wondering if anybody else have the DS0F f/w in BIN format. Thanks

I do not know if it works. I just manually extracted it from the windows flasher. Binary Ds0f. Digi, if this works, feel free to post it on your websites. Doesn’t Litefirm work with dvd-rom windows flashers?

Thanks a million dhc! Just mtkflashed that BIN in, everything’s smooth. Now that’s a good firmware. :bigsmile:

i tried litefirm and litefirm2 neither could extract it.

Nice job Dhc014 and many thanks, I’ll add this bin today :cool:

Stoner, thanks for testing and confirming.

I have 3 mirrors and all working at the moment, you might have to hassle a tiny bit for the downloads: For the web1000 site disable download manager. On the other 2, if you get a refusal notice from Angelfire, just copy the link and paste it on the address bar.

Cheerz :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Litefirm doesn’t work for dvd’s only for Liteon’s cdrw firmwares.

I can extract the binaries of the 163 family simply by copying and pasting them from the exe, using a normal hex editor. The 165/66 are a bit less simple, it’s a little thing that I have to figure out when I have the time, and concentration…:wink:

This firmware is a little more challengeing to extract, I just looked at whatever other binary was on digi’s page, found where it started, removed everything before it, then found the address where it ended, which was something like “0x7fff0” maybe and I deleted everything after it. The size checked out OK and the files looked similar so I put it up. This is fun!

Yea, I was trying nearly the same way on the Ds0b: found the address it’s starting, moved 256 KB and makred it - but I must have done somethig wrong and the end was different to the bin extracted from the drive. I didn’t get back to it anymore - you got to take the time for such a job- I thought maybe they added some code between the 2 banks, but your extraction prove they didn’t. nice!

I’m sure it’ll come very handy, there are already a couple of reports of “dead” 166s due to bad flash with the Ds0f exe - and it was only published yesterday!

Excellent, I’m glad that it helps :slight_smile:

By the way… Has anyone of you who successfully flashed the LTD-166S noticed any change in Ultra DMA mode?

With the ds0b firmware I have Ultra DMA mode 3, and with the prior firmware DIS2 (it’s a OEM drive wich came with a Siemens-Fujitsu computer) it was also in Ultra DMA mode 3. But with this firmware (ds0f downloaded from digi’s site) it switched to Ultra DMA mode 2.

See my answer to you here: